• For 30 years, we have been active in the production of metal and decorative accessories for clothing, footwear, belts, bags, ecclesiastical, jewelery, charms, tourist and other promotional and business gifts.

    Our production takes place entirely in Greece in private owned facilities with the best raw materials and with modern European machinery. Additionally, there is the ability to efficiently handle a large volume of orders.

    Our goal is to provide immediate service to our customers, combining both the timely sampling of our products as well as their rapid delivery. Our primary concern is always to maintain the competitiveness of our prices and ensuring the quality of our products.

    In our premises there is the possibility of realizing a new idea and transforming a customized project, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our growing clientele.

Metallic Decorations & Accessories of Greek Production

  • Value-Quality Relationship
  • Eco Colors
  • Organic cleaning
  • Fast Delivery
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